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Kestrel Dinghy Covers (For prices and online shop click here)

Rain and Sun Kestrel Dinghy Covers are manufactured in heavy duty, high grade, U.V. resistant, P.V.C. coated polyester for long life. Rain and Sun Kestrel Covers are tailored for an accurate fit. All necessary fastenings, including release buckles webbing nylon quick and under hull straps are supplied. Kestrel Dinghy Covers are held in stock. Others we can manufacture within a week. We produce Long life, UV Protected, Waterproof, All weather and Anti fungicidal Kestral covers.

We also manufacture the full range of Kestrel Dinghy Covers in breathable cotton/polyester and also our very best cover fabric, hydralite,  with no shrinkage, outstanding UV life and colour retention, very durable and the most water tight breathable fabric available in either blue or grey.

Kestrel Dinghy Covers can be purchased in a wide variety of material and colours from Acrylic canvas, cotton duck canvas, pvc polyester, pu coated polyester and nylon.

We are very aware of the importance of keeping your Kestrel Dinghy well protected when it is not being used, and have designed our covers accordingly.

Kestral flat cover
Top Cover
Kestral overboom
Overboom Cover
Kestral Trailing Cover
Trailing Cover
Kestral under cover
Under cover

Kestrel Dinghy Covers produced:

  • Kestrel Flat Cover: Our most versatile cover. A good choice if your boat is often on the move. Great for trailing and storage with mast up or down. The halyard point in the centre of the cover prevents water gathering.
  • Kestrel Overboom: Ideal if your dinghy spends most of its time in one place. Allows rain to run off easily, minimising contact with the deck, providing all-important air circulation.
  • Kestrel Trailing Cover: Our Kestral trailing covers are specifically designed to protect your dinghy whilst towing. They considerably reduce drag having no openings for mast and shrouds.
  • Kestrel Under Cover: Made from tough coated nylon, the snug fit protects the hull of your dinghy from wear and tear when towing.